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The new school in Hudson is named after Hilwie Hamdon, one of Edmonton’s first Lebanese Muslim immigrants who helped build the first mosque in Canada. Read her biography or watch this Hilwie Hamdon video to learn about her outstanding contributions and achievements.

Principal's Message

I am honored to be appointed as the first Principal of Hilwie Hamdon School. Hilwie Hamdon was an extraordinary woman who strived to see possibilities over obstacles and worked to give back to her community. It will be our primary goal to create a school community that is caring, kind, and respectful. It will also honour diversity, set high academic standards along with nurturing social responsibility.

Hilwie Hamdom strived to build relationships and developing our school culture on this cornerstone will be paramount. Opening a new school building will have many possibilities.  Together we will create a school community that will bring our students, staff, families and other stakeholders together in the best interest of all our kids. I believe that by working together, everyone benefits.

As the Principal at Hilwie Hamdon School, I am committed to ensuring your child(ren) have a safe and welcoming school environment in which each student can achieve to their limitless potential, and become confident, contributing citizens of our world. I look forward to meeting and working with you in the coming months as we work together to make Hilwie Hamdon School a great place for all students.

Honored to be your partner in Education,

Dorothy Arts