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When teachers, students and staff practice proper school parking lot safety, it makes it easier to keep everyone safe. School parking lots can be incredibly busy places in the morning when children arrive and in the afternoon when it's dismissal time. Ensuring that no one gets hurt is a primary concern of the school staff, but it requires everyone's participation, including parents.

There are designated areas are set aside specifically for parents to drop their children off.

  • The inside 2 lanes (closest to the school) are drop-off and pick-up only. Drivers may not step outside of their car.
  • If parents walk their children inside, only designated visitor parking spaces may be used.
  • The staff parking lot is for school staff only EXCEPT for those with a handicap permit as there are stalls along the school.
  • The parking lot East of the playground almost always has free spots available. This is less than a block away from the school.

Thank you for prioritizing the safety of our students.